Crime Factory issue 15 is live

CF #15 cover

Issue 15 of the award winning magazine Crime Factory is hot off the digital press and ready for you to feast your eyeballs on.

As usual, the magazine is full of great content, including my interview with the long time Bangkok-based author of the Vincent Calvino PI series, Christopher G Moore. I grill Moore about writing crime fiction in Asia, the role of the cultural detective and the changes he’s witnessed in Thailand and the surrounding region over the twenty five plus years he’s been living there.

Journalist and regular contributor Tom Darin Liskey recounts getting mixed up with bikers and drug dealers in St. Louis in his teens. Steve Peacock takes us through his difficult journal in seeking justice and peace after being shot in the line of duty. Dave Honeybone interviews the author of Tequila Sunset and The Dead Women of Juarez, Sam Hawken, Benjamin Welton dissects Lon Chaney’s silent crime film, The Penalty, and John Harrison guides us through the pre-Comics Code Authority American crime comic books. There’s also heaps of great fiction and one hundred percent sock puppet-free reviews.

You can buy the Kindle version off for $2 or the old-school print version for $8 here on Amazon, OR you can buy it directly from the Crime Factory Publications site here, in which case the great Satan won’t get a cent of your money.

And while I’m pulling on your coat about the latest issue, you may have noticed things are a couple of other changes. Your formerly free PDF download now will cost you $1.99.  Your kindle edition also now costs $1.99.

It’s a change we’ve been debating for a while now and the time seemed right to make it. Every dollar Crime Factory makes goes straight back into our business, Crime Factory Publications, and our efforts to continue to publish great books such as the anthologies, Hard Labour and LEE and our expanding line of novellas, Jedediah Ayres’ Fierce Bitches and the recently released Saint Homicide by Jake Hinkson (available directly from our website here).

We want to keep publishing Crime Factory. We want to do more special issues (like our upcoming sex/erotica issue Pink Factory) and publish more books. We also want to pay the people that write these books.

This takes cold hard cash.

The choice was to either seek donations, take advertising (neither of which we want to do) or start charging for all our products.

Besides, I hope you’ll agree that two dollars is not a lot to pay for over a hundred pages of excellent crime fiction features and reviews.


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