In conversation with Michael Robotham

Life Or deathA heads up that I’ll be in conversation with Australian crime writer Michael Robotham at Reader’s Feast Bookstore this coming Tuesday, August 12, from 6.30pm.

Michael is an ex-journalist, ghost-writer. We’ll be discussing his tenth novel, Life or Death, which is out now.

Robotham says he has been nurturing the story of life and death for more than twenty years, and the result is a great book. The first of Robtham’s books to be set in the United States, the plot centres on a prison inmate called Audie Palmer, who has served a lengthy sentence for his alleged part in a violent heist gone wrong that left a number of people dead and seven million dollars in unmarked bill not accounted for.

Due to be released from prison after a decade behind bars, he escapes on the eve of his freedom?


A number of people are very keen to find Palmer, including a trigger happy sheriff, a corrupt Texas politician, a determined FBI agent and Palmer’s former cell mate, Moss, who has been promised a reprieve from a life sentence in prison if he can track Palmer down.

Life or Death is a well-written, satisfying, high concept thriller from a writer who is clearly at the top of his game.

Tickets to Tuesday’s event are $6 per person and are available at the door or you can book on 9662 4699 or


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  1. Michael Robotham is one of the very best writer. All his books are remarquable.
    I am a faithfull fan.

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