Beat Girls, Love Tribes, Real Cool Cats draft cover & pre-order information

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I’m incredibly proud to be able to show you the draft cover to the upcoming book I’ve co-edited with Iain McIntyre, Beat Girls, Love Tribes & Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction & Youth Culture from the 1950s to 1980s.

Iain and I were both keen to do an examination of pulp fiction that went beyond simply focusing on paperback covers, as most pulp fiction related books do and I am sure we and the twenty plus writers who contributed to this tome, have delivered.

Beat Girls is first comprehensive account of the rise of youth culture and mass-market paperback fiction in the postwar period in the US, UK and Australia. It is not just a comprehensive selection of covers, but an in-depth look at the authors, how they worked and what influenced them. It is a must-read for anyone interested in retro and subcultural style and popular fiction.

As the young created new styles in music, fashion and culture, pulp fiction followed their every step, hyping and exploiting their behavior and language for mass consumption. From the juvenile delinquent gangs of the early fifties, through the beats and hippies, on to bikers, skinheads and punks, pulp fiction left no trend untouched. Boasting wild covers and action-packed plots, these books reveal as much about society’s desires and fears as they do about the subcultures themselves.

Featuring over 300 pulp covers, many never before reprinted, as well 70 in-depth author interviews and biographies, articles and reviews, Beat Girls offers the most extensive survey of the era’s mass market pulp fiction. Novels by well-known authors like Harlan Ellison, Lawrence Block, Evan Hunter/Ed McBain, and by filmmakers Samuel Fuller and Ed Wood Jr, are discussed alongside neglected obscurities and contemporary bestsellers ripe for rediscovery.

Beat Girls will be out in the US, UK and Australia later this year, via Verse Chorus Press, but you can pre-order now on Amazon here.


5 Responses

  1. Very cool. My kind of book. I have pre-ordered a copy.

  2. What’s happening with the book, I have been told that the publisher has dropped it, is that true?

    • Colin,
      Greetings and thanks for stopping by. I presume you are referring to the pulp history book.

      In a nut shell, we had pretty much finalised everything to do with this book when the publisher pulled out due to the fact they run out of funds to print what turned out to be quite an expensive book to produce.

      Anyway, we have not secured a new, more reliable, publisher and the book is due out sometime in the second half of 2017. I’ll be announcing details here in the new year. So keeping watching my site.

      Apologies for the inconvenience but, believe me, the book is coming out.



  3. Thanks Andrew,
    It was the Beat Girls book, will keep a look out for it!

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