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Ghost Money just 99 cents for 24 hours on June 30

I am a little brain dead tonight as a result of having spent a wonderful weekend in Adelaide as a guest of the South Australian Writers Centre inaugural Crimefest. I’ll be writing about this event more a little later in … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: Christopher Lee’s “X” Certificate

I’ve been holding onto this gem of a horror anthology for a while now with the intention of eventually posting it as one of my Pulp Friday offerings. The death last week of the great Christopher Lee makes this an opportune … Continue reading


Initial impressions can be deceiving in Kim Farrant’s debut feature movie, Strangerland. On the surface it appears to be another version of the women-and-children-in-danger-plot-line so popular at the moment (think Gone Girl, Top of the Lake and half the crime … Continue reading

Saturday nights in the den with Christopher Lee

I know it’s become common to note the passing of every sixties and seventies actor & actress. Social media lights up like a Christmas tree at the death of the smallest character actor from the rarest cult cult film. Such … Continue reading

Book review: Hard Rain Falling

While the argument can be made that Don Carpenter’s 1966 novel Hard Rain Falling is one of the best American crime fiction debuts of the late 1960s, no longer can it be said to be one of the least known. … Continue reading