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My year in books: Angela Savage

Next up on the ‘my year in books’ series running on this site over December, is crime writer (and my long time partner) Angela Savage. Angela is the author of three highly acclaimed crime novels based in Thailand and featuring … Continue reading

Book review: I Hear the Sirens in the Streets

For a writer who once decried the notion of book series as a tired formula, Adrian McKinty is remarkably good at them. I Hear the Sirens in the Street is the second in a series of three books set during … Continue reading

Orders open for LEE, a fiction anthology inspired by Lee Marvin

A heads up that you can now order LEE, Crime Factory’s anthology inspired by iconic American actor Lee Marvin, from our the site. There’s been a bit of buzz around the traps about LEE and at the risk of sounding … Continue reading

LEE, an anthology of fiction inspired by Lee Marvin

I am a HUGE Lee Marvin fan. Survivor of the carnage of World War Two, drinker, larger than life character, enduring icon of masculine cinema, the star of some of  my favourite films, including The Big Heat, The Killers, Point Blank, … Continue reading

Anthologies, my novel and more shameless self-promotion

In over a couple of weeks I will be jetting off to spend a couple of weeks in the US, New York mostly, followed by a few days in Philadelphia to attend Noir Con. I-can-not-wait. Several more ‘Noir Con noir … Continue reading