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Pulp Friday: Night Squad by David Goodis

“They gave him back his badge – and sent him down into the brutal throbbing heart of the slums.” The first Pulp Friday for 2014 needs no introduction, Night Squad by the legendary US noir writer, David Goodis. The cover … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: On The Yard

On The Yard by Malcolm Braly picks up on two themes I’ve examined in recent Pulp Friday posts. The first is prison pulp, in this instance, written by someone who actually did time. A lot. The second is the blurred … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: more adventures behind the bamboo screen

One of the most successful pulp fiction related posts to date on this site was a selection of Asian themed pulp fiction paperback covers I put up in 2011, Behind the bamboo screen: Asian pulp covers of the sixties and … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: Mafia pulp fiction

The Mafia, Cosa Nostra, the Mob, the Family, the Outfit, the Syndicate, call them whatever you like, it’s hard to overstate the influence organised crime had over pulp fiction. My post on the Andrew Dominik movie Killing Them Softly earlier … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: spy pulp part 2, Assignment Asia

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of James Bond, last week’s Pulp Friday was a selection of spy themed pulp covers. This week’s post takes us to one of the main battlegrounds for pulp spies in the sixties and seventies – … Continue reading