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Pulp Friday: Wild Beat, a tribute to Australian pulp writer Carl Ruhen, 1937-2013

Most people think of pulp publishing as American. But for several decades in the second half of the last century, Australia had a significant pulp paperback industry that produced a large range of popular fiction. By the mid-to-late sixties, Horwitz, … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: Key of Corruption

“She wanted her man to be sophisticated and successful – but there was a price to pay.” Life is busy at the moment, but not so busy I don’t have time to post a little Pulp Friday offering for your … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: passion pits and twilight zones, Kings Cross pulp fiction

“A startling and authentic story of wartime Sydney when the American ‘invasion’ turned Kings Cross into a passion pit of vice and black marketing.” Earlier this week I reviewed Louis Nowra’s terrific social history Kings Cross A Biography for the Overland Journal … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: prison pulp

“Gripping novel about a jailbreak – The bloody, death filled minutes while a murderous convict holds all the state of Massachusetts at bay.” Jail breaks, prison life, men and woman wrongly convicted and languishing in hell hole jails, all these … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: Island of Flames

“Nine people were on the island, so conflict erupted into a conflagration of sex, jealously and death. Then there were seven.” Here’s a quick Pulp Friday offering before I retreat to the bunker I’ve dug in the backyard to await … Continue reading