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Book review: Silent Valley

International crime fiction sometimes feels like a contest between the Scandinavians and the Irish. If so, the South Africans are closing ground on both of them. Think of writers like Margie Orford, Roger Smith and Mike Nicol, just to name … Continue reading

Book review: Dust Devils

You can bet crime writer Roger Smith is not on the Christmas card list of the South African Tourist Board. His third novel, Dust Devils, is one of the most violent and blistering crime novels I’ve read in a long while. It’s … Continue reading

SheKilda and women’s crime writing in Australia

It’s when someone asks you to contribute a blog post on the state of female crime writing in Australia from the point of someone watching the industry, that you realise you just don’t read enough. Not nearly enough. That said, … Continue reading

Book review: A Beautiful Place to Die

Malla Nunn’s 2008 book A Beautiful Place to Die has been on my reading list for ages. It’s great. Pretty much as damn near perfect a first crime novel as I’ve find. The book’s strengths – fantastic writing, an amazing … Continue reading