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Pulp Friday: prison pulp

“Gripping novel about a jailbreak – The bloody, death filled minutes while a murderous convict holds all the state of Massachusetts at bay.” Jail breaks, prison life, men and woman wrongly convicted and languishing in hell hole jails, all these … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: spy pulp part 1, death traps and dark duets

Over the next two weeks I’ll be commemorating the 50th anniversary of James Bond by posting some of the excellent spy themed pulp paperback covers I’ve collected over the years. Intrigue and danger in exotic locations, sinister enemies, tough secret … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: witches, warlocks and drums of the dark gods

“A Horrifying excursion into a world ruled by the prince of darkness” We don’t do Halloween in Australia, but it’s as good an opportunity as any to post some of the terrific occult pulp paperbacks covers I’ve collected over the … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: narcotic pulp

Dope, smack, heroin, cocaine, the evils of narcotics have always been a central pre-occupation of pulp fiction, as can be seen by the selection of paperback covers below. In Second Ending the victim in question was one of pulp’s favourite … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: Headed for a Hearse

“His address was Death Row and his lease was up in six days… “ They don’t write cover blurbs like that any more. Today’s Pulp Friday contribution is the 1960 UK Pan edition of the 1935 novel, Headed for a … Continue reading