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Pulp Friday: Wild Beat, a tribute to Australian pulp writer Carl Ruhen, 1937-2013

Most people think of pulp publishing as American. But for several decades in the second half of the last century, Australia had a significant pulp paperback industry that produced a large range of popular fiction. By the mid-to-late sixties, Horwitz, … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: passion pits and twilight zones, Kings Cross pulp fiction

“A startling and authentic story of wartime Sydney when the American ‘invasion’ turned Kings Cross into a passion pit of vice and black marketing.” Earlier this week I reviewed Louis Nowra’s terrific social history Kings Cross A Biography for the Overland Journal … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: The Flower People

“Super-zap them all with love. That’s the Hippie slogan. And they mean you.” The cover of this week’s Pulp Friday speaks for itself, The Flower People by James Holledge. I mean, like, wow man, that is one far out cover. … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: The Third Street

“The street where no questions were asked. The Street where few men were ever seen.” Today’s Pulp Friday offering is a piece of vintage lesbian pulp fiction, Joan Ellis’s The Third Street. The version above is a 1974 reprint by … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: witches, warlocks and drums of the dark gods

“A Horrifying excursion into a world ruled by the prince of darkness” We don’t do Halloween in Australia, but it’s as good an opportunity as any to post some of the terrific occult pulp paperbacks covers I’ve collected over the … Continue reading