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50th anniversary of The Ipcress File

If the on-line excitement in response to teaser images from Spectre, the 24th James Bond film, is anything to go by, we’ve lost none of our fascination with the Bond franchise. Spectre promises to have a stripped back, almost retro … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: Avakoum Zahov Vs 07 and Soviet spy fiction

“A battle to the death between two crack Secret Agents of East and West!” This week’s Pulp Friday is one of the strangest cultural artefacts to come out of Australian pulp publishing in the sixties, the spy thriller Avakoum Zahov vs 07 by Bulgarian … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: The Last Refuge

Today’s Pulp Friday is a little known but interesting book, The Last Refuge by Edward Lindall, published in 1972. It’s interesting for two reasons. First, it was an attempt to set a spy thriller amid the radical student politics taking … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: spy pulp part 2, Assignment Asia

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of James Bond, last week’s Pulp Friday was a selection of spy themed pulp covers. This week’s post takes us to one of the main battlegrounds for pulp spies in the sixties and seventies – … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: spy pulp part 1, death traps and dark duets

Over the next two weeks I’ll be commemorating the 50th anniversary of James Bond by posting some of the excellent spy themed pulp paperback covers I’ve collected over the years. Intrigue and danger in exotic locations, sinister enemies, tough secret … Continue reading