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Interview: Eva Dolan, author of Long Way Home

My first review of 2014 was Long Way Home, a cracker of a debut novel by British author, Eva Dolan.  Long Way Home opens with the discovery of a corpse of an adult male migrant worker in the burnt out remains of … Continue reading

Pulp Curry added to National Library of Australia’s web archive

In a sign of just how much Australia’s culture is on the skids, this site, Pulp Curry, is to be added in the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA Archive. PANDORA is the National Library e-archive dedicated to enabling the long … Continue reading

Pulp Friday: The Third Street

“The street where no questions were asked. The Street where few men were ever seen.” Today’s Pulp Friday offering is a piece of vintage lesbian pulp fiction, Joan Ellis’s The Third Street. The version above is a 1974 reprint by … Continue reading

One Ashore in Singapore kicks off Beat to a Pulp’s 2013 schedule

A quick heads up that my short story, ‘One Ashore in Singapore’ is kicking off Beat to a Pulp’s 2013 fiction schedule. For readers, particularly in Australia, who are not familiar with Beat to a Pulp, it’s one of several sites … Continue reading