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“My name’s Andrew and my first book’s coming out digitally” and other musings about e books

It’s official. The merits of digital versus print books now shares top billing with ‘why don’t mainstream Australian publishers do more genre fiction’ (they just don’t and probably won’t in the near future, so just get over it and write), … Continue reading

Crime Factory issue 10 is out and other updates

A quick heads up that issue ten of Crime Factory is now live on the site and definitely worth checking out. The Crime Factory team have amassed a pretty amazing line-up of talent for this issue. Dave Honeybone interviews Aussie … Continue reading

Not another post about the crisis of the publishing industry

This is not going to be another post about the crisis in the publishing industry. Well, not quite. The Emerging Writers’ Festival has been running over the last week in Melbourne. The events I attended, including the crime genre panel … Continue reading

Crime time at the Emerging Writers’ Festival

Melbourne’s Emerging Writers’ Festival gets underway later this week. The agenda features a mind-boggling array of writers, editors, publishers and other literary types. This year, the Festival includes a series of panels on genre writing. Young adult, speculative fiction, romance and … Continue reading

View from the transit lounge

I spent ages trying to think of a snappy heading for this post. In the end I settled on ‘View from the transit lounge’, because as an aspiring author it’s easy to feel like you are always stuck in the transit lounge, … Continue reading