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Noir Con or bust guest post #2: Patti Abbott

For the second of my ‘Noir Con or bust’ guest posts I’m very happy to welcome Detroit based writer, Patti Abbott. 

Not only does Patti host a terrific blog of her own, she is a major contributor to the on-line and print crime short fiction that thrives in the US. Seriously, it’s hard to over emphasise just how prolific Patti is. What’s more, her short crime fiction is always of high quality. If you’re not convinced check out her first anthology of short stories, Monkey Justice, here

Welcome to Pulp Curry, Patti.

Thanks to Andrew for hosting me. His suggestion to me was to talk about the online crime fiction market, and I will do so if a bit circuitously.

It took me a long time to 1) find my way to writing 2) find my way to writing fiction (I started out with poetry) 3) find my way to writing crime fiction.

I began writing poetry (as an older student) in a college class in the mid 1990s. The class was ideal for me since I harboured such ambitions. I was  lucky to have a supportive instructor and I managed to publish a couple dozen poems in small literary journals. But editors would often send a note saying that my story was overly narrative and had I ever tried my hand at short story writing?… Read more

Interview: Brian Lindenmuth, editor, Snubnose Press

Several weeks ago I posted a piece about my upcoming crime novel, Ghost Money and the fact it was being published digitally in the US. 

Given the interest that post generated and the debate in Australia about digital publishing and pricing generally, I asked my publisher, Brian Lindenmuth from Snubnose Press, whether he’d answer a few questions about the first anniversary of Snubnose, the controversy around e-book pricing and what kind of crime fiction he’s looking for.

And a heads up for those reading who are sitting on a crime fiction manuscript, for the first time in 2012, Snubnose are open for submissions. Check out the site for details.

What is Snubnose Press and what kind of crime fiction do you publish?

Snubnose Press is the ebook imprint of Spinetingler Magazine.  Spinetingler has been around since 2005 and we wanted to branch out into new areas.  While we are mainly a crime fiction press we are open to other types of work. For example one of our more recent releases, The Duplicate by Helen Fitzgerald, isn’t a crime fiction novel. The crime fiction that we do publish tends towards the darker side of the spectrum.

Why did you set up as a small digital press? How did you think you could add value in the current publishing climate?Read more

Crime Factory issue 10 is out and other updates

A quick heads up that issue ten of Crime Factory is now live on the site and definitely worth checking out.

The Crime Factory team have amassed a pretty amazing line-up of talent for this issue. Dave Honeybone interviews Aussie crime writer David Owen (author of the Pufferfish series), William Boyle dissects Charle’s Willeford’s 1962 noir classic Cockfighter, James Hopwood lifts the lid on the sci-fi spy smut novels of Clyde Allison, and there’s a fantastic piece in our ‘True Crime Deposition’ section by Josh Stallings, and much more. Doing the hard yards on short fiction in this issue are Patricia Abbott, Thomas Pluck, Mark Joseph Kiewlak, Benoit Lelievre, Seamus Scanlon, Rob Loughlin and Deborah Sheldon.

I’m extremely proud to have an in-depth interview in this issue with probably the best living female noir writer currently working, if not the best full stop, Megan Abbott. I managed to steal a bit of time during Megan’s lightning visit to Melbourne for the launch of Crime Factory Publications in early March, to talk about her books, cheerleaders and the lure of noir. It’s a great interview. I know because Megan’s mum, Patti, said so.

Megan’s upcoming book is called Dare Me. It’s a coming of age noir story set in the world of competitive cheerleading and all the advance word to date is it’s fantastic.… Read more