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Great crime reads set in Asia

Okay, I’ve sat patiently through the hype about Scandinavian crime fiction, which shows no sign of ending, only to read recently that the next big thing in crime fiction is central Europe.

I keep thinking people will eventually discover Asia as a fascinating place to set crime fiction, but it looks like I’ll have to keep on waiting on that score.

Not that there aren’t some great crime reads set in the region. A few weeks ago I wrote the following post on some of my favourites for the site, Crime Fiction Lover. One book I could’ve included but didn’t was David Peace’s Tokyo Year Zero. One CFL reader suggested the books of Seicho Matsumoto. I’d live to hear other suggestions as I’m sure there are heaps more.

Jade Lady Burning – Martin Limon

Low profile crime writer Martin Limon has so far written six books featuring Sueno and Bascom, officers in the Criminal Intelligence Division of the US military based in South Korea, and a seventh is on the way.

Jade Lady Burning was the first of the series, written in 1992, and for my money it’s still one of the best. Sueno and Bascom are assigned to investigate the brutal murder of a local prostitute which turns into something much more sinister.… Read more

Crime Factory issue 6 is now live


Issue six of the on-line zine Crime Factory is out and available here.

Yeah, I know, it’s been a while but let me assure all of you the wait has definitely been worth it.

In addition to the usual avalanche of short crime fiction, issue six has some great features, including one from my partner in crime, Angela Savage, who takes us behind the scene in the writing of her latest novel, The Half Child.

There’s also my regular column on crime fiction and film from or about Asia, Setting Sun. I look at two little known films that explore the persona of the Asia Hand, Peter Bogdanovich’s 1979 picture, Saint Jack, and the 1982 Australian film by John Duigan, Far East, starring local action icon Bryan Brown and Helen Morse.

And while you’re here let me pull on your coat about something. The overworked folks at Crime Factory have brought in some extra labour to help out around the place, including yours truly, who is now reviews editor. If you’ve got a book or e-book you want reviewed, drop me at line at crimefactoryreviews<at>gmail<dot>com.

I’m also interested in getting some more bodies to review film and books. Again, if you’re keen drop me a line. … Read more

Book review: The Half-Child

We love a good guest review here at Pulp Curry and today’s is about a book very dear to me, Angela Savage’s The Half-Child. For readers who don’t follow Pulp Curry on a regular basis, in the interests of full disclosure I need to declare that Angela has been my partner in life (and crime) for the last 20 years. Her book, The Half-Child, is also a great read. Many thanks to Sulari Gentill, whose own crime novel, A Few Right Thinking Men, was published in 2010 by Pantera Press.

I am a greedy reader.

When I opened The Half-Child, Angela Savage’s second Jane Keeney crime novel, I looked forward to reacquainting myself with the streets of Thailand, about which Savage writes with an intimate knowledge and affection.

I wanted once again to be shown the colour, the contrast, the cultural crater of a place where West has hurtled into East.  I wanted to see past cliché: the neon, the sleaze, the confronting corruption, to the beauty of an ancient culture and a tenacious and adaptive people. On top of all this I wanted intrigue, excitement, perhaps a little romance, and definitely some humour.  I did start out by saying I was greedy.

The Half-Child completely satiated my literary gluttony and then offered me dessert!… Read more