I’m in a book with some guy called Lawrence Block

Dark Prints Press anthology, The One That Got Away is out and it contains a story by yours truly.

You can order the book here and the digital edition will be available soon.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Dark Prints Press is one of a growing number of small local niche publishers focusing on genre fiction. For Dark Prints, the focus is on crime and horror and sometimes the two together.

Submissions have just opened for their upcoming anthology, A Killer Among Demons, which will feature twisted tales based on a combination of paranormal/supernatural crime themes. Details are here if you’re interested.

The One That Got Away has a similarly dark premise. It contains 12 tales  about getting away with crime. My story, Two Blind Cats, features the ex-Australian army soldier, now criminal for hire, Gary Chance, who has previously appeared in other short stories I’ve penned.

There’s also a piece by my Crime Factory colleague Cameron Ashley, Ned Kelly short story award winner Zane Lovitt and many others, including some guy called Lawrence Block.

Check it out when you get a chance and support the great work being done by Dark Prints Press.



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  1. Great job
    Looking forward to the digital edition.
    And your novel for that matter

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

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