Academic and peer-reviewed writing

Andrew has a Doctor of Philosophy from Macquarie University. His thesis was titled, ‘Pulp Jungle Down Under: Horwitz Publications and the rise the Australian paperback, 1945-1972’

His other publications include:

‘“An Explosive Novel of Strange Passions” Horwitz Publications and Australia’s Pulp Modernism,’ Australian Literary Studies, Vol 34, no 2, December 2019

Pushing back: review of Jeremy Fisher’s The Dirty Little Dog, Text Journal, Vol 20, No 1, October 2016

Crime pays: Underbelly, Homicide and Blue Murder Metro Magazine, No. 183, 2015: 50-55

world apart: The outlaw Michael Howe, Metro Magazine, No. 181, 2014: 42-45

Remembering the Nineties: The Longest Decade, Australian Universities’ Review, 2007, Vol.49(1/2), 50-51

A short history of sedition laws in Australia, Australian Universities Review, 2006, Vol.48(2), 18-19

The Asian Development Bank and conditionality, The Reality of Aid 2002, Ibon Books, Manila, 2002, 123-128