Orphan Road now available

My latest crime novel, Orphan Road, is now available.

Orphan Road is available from the publisher Down and Out Books. It is also available from Amazon and other online platforms, and bookshops are able to order it via Ingram Spark.

And Melbourne friends, a heads up that I’ll be launching the book at my local bookstore, Brunswick Bound, 361 Sydney Road, Brunswick, on Tuesday, July 11.

Please put that date in your dairy and more details come soon.

Orphan Road – a sequel to my last novel, Gunshine State – sees my (not so) professional thief Gary Chance become involved in the murky aftermath of one of Australia’s largest heists, Melbourne’s Great Bookie Robbery. In April 1976, a well organised gang stole as much as $16 million from bookmakers in the Victoria Club, located on the second floor of a building in Queen Street and the City. The real amount of what was stolen was never confirmed and the culprits, although they are known now, were never identified at the time or apprehended.

But, of course, the heist always goes wrong and while the police never arrested anyone for the Great Bookie Robbery, the various members of the gang fell out amongst themselves, leaving a trail of bodies.

As the starting point for Orphan Road I posited the question, what if a large amount of cash wasn’t the only thing stolen that day in April 1976. And then, what if Chance was engaged nearly half a century later, to try and find that other thing that was stolen.

And here is what some other talented crime writers have to say about the book:

Orphan Road is a breakneck tale of robbery and vengeance, as lyrical and gritty as a Bad Seeds tune. Superb.” —Sam Wiebe, award-winning author of Sunset and Jericho and Invisible Dead

Orphan Road hits Mr Inbetween levels of brilliance. Stylish writing and whip-smart dialogue, this is noir done right.” —David Whish-Wilson, author of Line of Sight and The Sawdust House

“I have been waiting for another Gary Chance book. Orphan Road is grimy, twisty and fast. Absolutely worth the wait.” —Iain Ryan, author of Four Days and The Student

“A multi-continental heist romp, Nette’s Orphan Road is in direct lineage with Westlake/Stark’s Parker series and Thompson’s The Getaway. Filled with pulpy goodness, this crime caper scratches your thieving itch. For fans of Barry Gifford’s Black Lizard catalog, this one’s a guaranteed delight.” —Nolan Knight, author of The Neon Lights Are Veins and Gallows Dome

And, if it sounds like your kind of crime fiction but you haven’t checked out Gunshine State yet, why don’t you consider picking that book up here.

And, of course, if you read Orphan Road and/or Gunshine State and enjoy them please think about leaving a review on Goodreads/Amazon, as it makes a big difference.


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