DVD commentaries and booklet/video essays

Booklet essay: Where the action is: John Schlesinger’s Darling and the films of swinging London, Umbrella Film’s re-release of Darling (John Schlesinger, 1965)

Video essay: Mission Accomplished?: Womenworlds and Male Power, Vinegar Syndrome re-release of Sex Mission (Juliusz Machulski, 1984)

Booklet essay: The 1970s and the ‘Golden Age’ of the aeroplane hijack film, Umbrella Film’s re-release of Ransom (Casper Wreder, 1974)

Booklet essay: Fictional hijackers and a real life covert operative: Casper Wrede’s Ransom, Umbrella Film’s re-release of Ransom (Casper Wreder, 1974)

Commentary: Stir (Stephen Wallace, 1980), Severin Films

Booklet essay: “Flesh is a trap and magic sets us free”: Clive Barker’s Lord of illusions and private investigators and the occult on film, Umbrella Films release of Lord of Illusions (1995)

Commentary: Gang War in Milan (Umberto Lenzi, 1973), Radiance Films

Video essay: Hard to be a Hero: Piotr Szulkin’s Ga-Ga: Glory to the Heroes, Piotr Szulkin’s Apocalypse Tetralogy, Vinegar Syndrome

Booklet essay: Conspiracy of Silence: Leonardo Sciascia’s The Day of the Owl, Radiance Films release of The Day of the Owl (Damiano Damiani, 1968)

Video essay: From sea to shining sea – a look at the cross country car race film, Burt Reynolds Collector’s Edition, Umbrella Entertainment

Video essay: Welcome to violence – the evolution of the British gangster on screen, Umbrella Entertainment release of The Limey (Steven Soderbergh, 1991)

Video essay: She reached for evil: dissecting Kitten With a Whip, Imprint Films release of Kitten With a Whip (Douglas Heyes, 1964)

Booklet essay: The Hellfighter: John Wayne and America on fire in 1968, Powerhouse Films’ release of Hellfighters (Andrew V. McLaglen, 1968)

Booklet essay: The Big Fix: the end of the 1960s and cinema’s new private eyes, Powerhouse Films’ release of The Big Fix (Jeremy Kagan, 1979)

Essay: David Lynch’s “mood of Dune”, Arrow Films re-release of David Lynch’s Dune (David Lynch, 1984)

Booklet essay: Radioactive Noir: Irving Lerner’s City of Fear (Irving Lerner, 1959), Powerhouse Films, Columbia Noir 3

Commentary (with Dean Brandum): A Man, A Woman and a Bank (Noel Black, 1979), Kino Lorber

Commentary (with Dean Brandum): Cold Light of Day (Fhiona-Louise, 1989), Arrow Video

Booklet essay: Il Boss: Fernando Di Leo, Celluloid Apocalypse VHS release of Eurocrime! the Italian Cop and Gangster Films that Ruled the 70s