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Wake In Fright: Dusty and Thirsty in the Outback

If the popularity of writers such as Donald Ray Pollock, Cormac McCarthy, Daniel Woodrell and Frank Bill is anything to go by, rural noir is a big deal in the United States. While it may not be anywhere near as well-known, for my money, the 1961 … Continue reading

My year in books: David Whish-Wilson

The next guest in the ‘my year in books’ series is Perth-based crime writer David Whish-Wilson. David’s Zero At the Bone (the sequel to his 2010 book, Line of Sight) was one of my favourite crime reads of 2013. I reviewed the … Continue reading

Book review: Zero At the Bone

A couple of months ago I wrote an piece for the Guardian Australia’s Oz Culture Blog on why I think the most exciting crime fiction in Australia at the moment is coming out of the West. It has something to … Continue reading

Pulp Curry added to National Library of Australia’s web archive

In a sign of just how much Australia’s culture is on the skids, this site, Pulp Curry, is to be added in the National Library of Australia’s PANDORA Archive. PANDORA is the National Library e-archive dedicated to enabling the long … Continue reading

Blood Money and other Australian crime films you’ve probably never heard of

If you haven’t heard of the 1980 Australian film Bloody Money, don’t worry, you’d be in good company. Clocking in at just over 62 minutes, it’s an unpolished little gem of a heist film and almost completely unavailable. John Flaus … Continue reading