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Richard Burton and the face of a Villain

Richard Burton has been on my mind ever since I watched him a couple of weeks ago in the strange 1971 British film, Villain. Burton was a regular fixture on the TV screen in our house when I was young. … Continue reading

The Don Siegel Rule

I had to give it a name, so I called it the Don Siegel Rule. I was watching Charley Varrick recently, the 1973 heist film directed by Siegel, starring Walter Matthau as an ex-crop duster and stunt pilot turned bank who, … Continue reading

The Silent Partner

Earlier this year I did a series of posts on my love of heist films, what my favourite ones are, and how they differ from caper films. The number one rule of a solid heist film is the heist always, … Continue reading

Blood Money and other Australian crime films you’ve probably never heard of

If you haven’t heard of the 1980 Australian film Bloody Money, don’t worry, you’d be in good company. Clocking in at just over 62 minutes, it’s an unpolished little gem of a heist film and almost completely unavailable. John Flaus … Continue reading

Violent Saturday

Over the weekend I managed to catch a film I’d been keen to see for a while, Richard Fleischer’s Violent Saturday. Made in 1955, it focuses on a bank robbery in small southern US town. It’s not hard to see … Continue reading