This Christmas give the gift of Ghost Money

Ghost Money-1Okay, it’s been a long year and like you, as 2012 draws to a close, I’m pretty much over everything.

But before I take a few weeks break from the blog, I wanted to pull on your collective coats one more time about Ghost Money, my crime novel set in nineties Cambodia.

The folks at Snubnose Press have decided that for December only, Ghost Money, as well as all their other titles, will cost just 99 cents. That’s – literally – a steal for some seriously excellent crime fiction.

If you have bought and read Ghost Money, regardless of what you think of it, I’d love it if you could give it a review on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads or whatever.

If you haven’t got the book now there’s no excuse. And you can pick up a couple of titles why you are at it. I’m sure it would make an ideal Christmas present for the discerning noir aficionado in your life.

The book is available on Amazon here:

On Barnes & Noble for Nook readers here.

And in a multitude of formats, including e-pub, on Smashwords here.

For those of you who haven’t heard it, here is the pitch.

Cambodia, 1996, the long-running Khmer Rouge insurgency is fragmenting, competing factions of an unstable coalition government scrambling to gain the upper hand. Missing in the chaos is businessman Charles Avery. Hired to find him is Vietnamese Australian ex-cop Max Quinlan.

But Avery has made dangerous enemies and Quinlan is not the only one looking. Teaming up with Heng Sarin, a local journalist, Quinlan’s search takes him from the freewheeling capital Phnom Penh to the battle scarred western borderlands. As the political temperature soars, he is slowly drawn into a mystery that plunges him into the heart of Cambodia’s bloody past.

I love this book, it’s gritty Cambodian setting and the fucked up lead character. And it seems that judging by some of the reviews it’s been getting recently, others do too. Here’s what some of the recent reviewers have said:

“There is a very real sense of place and the broken heart of Cambodia bleeds through the pages of this story like an open wound. In Ghost Money Andrew Nette has captured the feel and atmosphere of a classic 40’s noir tale and injected it with the vibrancy and color of modern Asia to produce an evocative and very accomplished book.”

Chris Leek, Out of the Gutter

“Writing a crime novel set in this sad and violent Cambodia without delving into the country’s extreme history is impossible. Nette knows his shit when it comes to the bloody convolutions of the Southeast Asian kingdom and spins a gripping yarn of greed and madness in the late 20th century. While feeding the reader with the horrors of our time, he also finds the space to skillfully reward us with the conventions of the genre – memorable femmes fatales, effective bad guys, and not just one, fast action and lively dialogue.”

Tom Vater, The Devil’s Road

“Nette throws all those concrete streets and tall buildings out the window and fills his tale with an awesome amount of authenticity that makes you feel the environment as if you were there, sweating in the heat and fighting off the beer girls. If you’re looking for noir, 3000 miles off the beaten track, this is for you.”

Luke Preston, author of Dark City Blue

As I said earlier, I plan on taking a break from Pulp Curry for a few weeks over January. I’ve enjoyed writing this blog over 2012. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and see you in 2013.


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  1. Ooh, I haven’t read a crime novel in ages, I might pick this up!

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