Pulp Friday: Sinquake


“Mike Brand’s most sinister adversary – Cyn Boudin, high priestess with a lust for power.” 

Today’s Pulp Friday offering is a wonderful piece of forgotten Australian pulp, Sinquake by Gene Janes.

Sinquake was produced by little known local pulp publisher and distributor, Calvert Publishing  After Horwitz Publications and Cleveland, Calvert may well have been one of Australia’s largest publisher of paper backs in the fifties and sixties. Calvert published the Carl Dekker ‘On the Spot’ mystery series, as well as a large number of Westerns, war and romance novels.

There’s no publication date for Sinquake but it was probably released some time in the early to mid-sixties, before the introduction of decimal currency in 1966. The cover was supplied to me courtesy of local pulp collector, Graeme Flanagan.

Sinquake features Mike Brand, an Australian trouble-shooter for the British secret service. I’ll let the back cover blurb explain the rest.

“The Soviet was using the enormous appeal of BLACK MAGIC, with its terrifying rites and orgies, together with the sensual and seductive beauty of “SIN” – Mademoiselle Cynbarra Boudin, the high priestess of the Cult’s British circle, to ensnare top political and diplomatic figures into compromising situations.

With recent scandals as a blue-print, the political stability of the Free World is threatened by moral chaos.

The entire force of both the British and Commonwealth Secret Service is thrown into battle in a desperate attempt to thwart Russian plans for destruction.

“SINQUAKE” is something new in suspense.”



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  1. Hi

    Gene Janes is my father and I am republishing his work through Amazon and would like to include the covers. However, I do not have the publishing rights to the artwork. It would be greatly appreciated if you could supply me with any names of the graphic artists, should you know of any, who did the covers for Calvert Publishing throughout the 1960’s?

    Kind regards
    Geraldine Janes

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