Upcoming talk: The motorcycle – rebel in pop culture

A heads up to Pulp Curry readers, that on Thursday April 22 EST, I’ll be giving a talk to coincide with the exhibition currently being hosted by the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, The Motorcycle: Design, Art, Desire. The talk is entitled, ‘The Motorcycle: Rebel in Pop Culture’.

Throughout the decades, motorbikes have been portrayed as a symbol of freedom and rebellion in fiction, music and on the screen. I’ll be taking you on a journey through the different representations of the motorcycle in youth and popular culture history, mainly in the United States, Australia and Great Britain. I’ll be examining what has given the motorbike its cool reputation as well as discussing how it has also functioned as a lightning rod for post war concerns around various youth subcultures. The talk will focus on film, but I’ll also look at the representation of the motorbike in music and pulp fiction.

The talk, which will take place on Zoom, will start at 7pm EST, is free & your time zone permitting open to anyone anywhere to attend. All you have to do is book at this link. I hope you can attend.

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  1. Hi Andrew – Wish I could be there. Is anyone going to shoot and post a video of your talk? Are you going to mention the frequent appearances of motorcycle gangs and bikers in American men’s adventure magazines, like those featured in the book BARBARIANS ON BIKES: BIKERS AND MOTORCYCLE GANGS IN MEN’S PULP ADVENTURE MAGAZINES? (It’s available in Australia via Amazon.) Best… Bob

    • Hey Bob,
      Thanks for your enthusiasm (your beloved MAMs will score a mention). Yes, the talk is going to be recorded and made available on QAGOMA’s Youtube channel. I’ll post the link to this when it is live.

  2. Casey Vanderpol

    Hi Andrew, my name is Casey. A regular reader of your posts. I don’t have a twitter account but saw you are looking to source a copy of AGRO for a friend. Am happy to lend you mine if needed but it is not the Sphere edition mentioned. Anyway let me know if I can help you out.
    Regards Casey.

    • Casey,
      Greetings. Thanks for the offer but I was asking about the ultra ultra rare 1971 Sphere version of the book on behalf of a friend in the UK. Apparently, there are some important differences between the 1971 version and the one that you (and I).

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