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Pulp Friday: Key of Corruption

Keys of Corruption“She wanted her man to be sophisticated and successful – but there was a price to pay.”

Life is busy at the moment, but not so busy I don’t have time to post a little Pulp Friday offering for your enjoyment.

Key of Corruption was published by Horwitz Publications in 1963. Rene Crane was one of several pseudonyms for Rena Cross, a regular Horwitz author.

Cross featured in a previous Pulp Friday post as the author of Flat  4 Kings Cross. Flat 4 Kings Cross originally appeared in 1963 under the name Geoffrey Tolhurst, and was was republished twice by Horwitz.

Key of Corruption is of interest because it’s a local book that gives an Australian take on one of pulp’s favourite obsessions in the sixties – wife swapping.

Here’s what the back cover says about the story:

“The key of corruption is a dangerous game and the stakes are high. Meet the players…

Marilyn and Keith – unsophisticated young newlyweds, fresh from the country, anxious to get ahead and be accepted by the city;

Jo-Anne – Marilyn’s pretty teenage sister, brimming over with youthful enthusiasm, ready to dare anything for a thrill;

Grant – the too-experienced older man whose charm Marilyn accepted at face value;

Greda – fabulous, sophisticated, beautiful divorcee, leader of a fast set… who organised the game for kicks… “Read more