Roll on 2012

I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s been a long year.

Pulp Curry is going to be taking a break over the Christmas/New Year period, returning in mind-2012.

It’s shaping up to be a big one for me writing-wise. My manuscript, tentatively titled Cambodia Darkness and Light, will be published as an e-book in the US some time in the second half of 2012, by Snubnose Press.

I also have short fiction appearing in a number of publications. Max Quinlan, an Australian-Vietnamese ex-cop and the main character in Cambodia Darkness and Light, will be making an appearance in issue two of Noir Nation, in a story called ‘Homeland’.

Gary Chance, a tough, ex-Australian army veteran who now makes a living pulling heists for anyone who’ll pay, will appear in The One That Got Away, an anthology of Australian crime fiction by Dark Prints Press, out February.

Chance will also feature in a story by me in Crime Factory: Hard Labour, out in March. Hard Labour is an anthology of crime stories by authors either born in Australia or residing here.

Rather than just complaining about the narrowness of the local crime fiction scene, Melbourne’s Crime Factory crew, myself, Cameron Ashely and Liam Jose, have decided to get active and do something about it. We’re establishing Crime Factory as a publishing business, revamping the website and Hard Labour is our first offering.

Although the exact line-up has yet to be finalised, so far it’s looking pretty impressive, if I do say so myself, including stories by known players Adrian McKinty, Leigh Redhead, Helen Fitzgerald, David Whish Wilson and Angela Savage, and up and comers such as myself and others. I can also announce that we have snagged the first even Wyatt story by Garry Disher, ‘Wyatt’s Art’.  ‘Wyatt’s Art’ was originally published as ‘Cody’s Art’ in 1990 and ‘Wyatt’s Art’ in 1998, the last time it saw publication.

Hard Labour will be available as an e-book and print and demand publication in March 2012.

We have some other surprises up our collective sleeves for the next 12 months, but that’s enough for now.

Oh, yeah, amid all of that I have to find the time to serious start on the manuscript of my next book.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and roll on 2012.


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  1. Nice one, mates! Have a great yuletide season/new year… 😉

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