My year in books: Court Haslett


The next guest on the ‘my year in books’ series is someone who perhaps does need a little introduction.

Court Haslett is a San Francisco crime writer whose debut thriller novel, Tenderloin, features a PI called Sleeper Hayes. Tenderloin is set in San Francisco’s skid row Tenderloin neighbourhood in the late seventies, against the backdrop of  punk, disco, and the suicide Jonestown cult. 

The book caught my eye because I am a complete sucker for the seventies, love San Francisco and am particularly fascinated by this period in the city’s history. I’m hoping to get around to reading Tenderloin over Summer and will be reviewing the book on this site in 2014. You can pick up a copy here

Best of luck with the book, Court and welcome to Pulp Curry. 

The Raven’s Gift, Don Rearden

November 23rd, 8pm

Dear Diary,

So my friend Adam recommended The Raven’s Gift to me. It’s about doomed lovers in post apocalyptic Alaska and focuses on the indigenous Yup’ik culture. This is gonna be one looong slog of a read.

November 24th, 6am

Dear Diary,

Finished The Raven’s Gift. So I was wrong. So it was a kick-ass page-turner. So I didn’t sleep. I may have even gotten emotional at times. How could I have known The Raven’s Gift was Cormac McCarthy crossed with Lee Child set in the Alaskan tundra? Why are you so judgmental, diary? I’m closing you now. Sometimes I think you just don’t understand me at all.

Dare Me, Megan Abbott

February 10th, 11 pm

Dear Diary,

Just because Megan Abbott can flawlessly switch from writing pitch perfect postwar noir novels to penning a twisted, modern day tragedy about cheerleading, with two of the smartest antiheroes in crime fiction facing off against one another, and I can’t, doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. I mean, Michael Jordan is better than me at basketball, Prince is a better musician, and Megan Abbott is a better writer. It’s okay. That’s life. I’ve heard she’s even super nice, too.

Fine, I hate her.

Angel Baby, Richard Lange

August 19th, 1am

Dear Diary,

Richard Lange is so cool. First he writes Dead Boys, one of my favorite short story collections. Then he writes Angel Baby, an adrenaline injection of drug dealing and double-crossing on the U.S./Mexico border. And he makes it all seem so easy. I wonder if he needs a new BFF. That could be me! Who am I kidding? He’s so cool he doesn’t even use the term BFF, much less need one.

I’m gonna email him just in case.

The Colombian Mule, Massimo Carlotto

June 15th, 9am

Dear Diary

Bellissima Murder, Buon Giorno Suspense, Chinchin Hardbolied, Prego Drugs, Mama Mia The Alligator, Delizioso Calvados, Grazie Grazie Grazie Massimo Carlotto

Mi Italiano es muy bueno.

This Is Where I Leave You, Jonathon Tropper

December 2nd, 10pm

Dear Diary,

This weird Oz guy wants a list of my favorite books of 2013. He says they don’t have to be crime books, so I better include a literary novel to show everyone how super well read I am. Shit, I didn’t read any of those. Oh yes I did! This Is Where I Leave You. It’s either painfully hilarious or hilariously painful, I can’t figure out which one. Doesn’t matter. He reminds me of Sam Lypsite.

That’s right, I’ve read Sam Lypsite, too. See, I’m really smart.


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  1. I have purchased a copy of Tenderloin since I think my husband and I may both like it.

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