Gunshine State publication day

Gunshine StateToday is publication day for my second novel, Gunshine State.

Gunshine State is a heist thriller set in Queensland, Melbourne and Thailand. Think Richard Stark’s Parker, Garry Disher’s Wyatt, and Wallace Stroby’s Crissa Stone. Add a touch of Surfers Paradisesleaze and a very dangerous stopover in Asia.

You can read about the book and some of the great praise it has already gathered on the 280 Steps site here.

Gunshine State is available in hard copy and e-book form on Amazon here, or check out the 280 Steps site for other platforms you can access it on. Review copies are available by contacting 280 Steps directly.

Perth based crime writer, David Whish-Wilson, whose work I have reviewed extensively on this site and whose new novel, Old Scores is out later this year, will be on help me launch my novel this coming Thursday, September 15, at Brunswick Bound boosktore, 361 Sydney Road Brunswick. The launch will kick off at around 6.30pm and go until 8 – 8.30pm, after which we will kick on at one of Brunswick’s many local watering holes.

Hope to see you there.


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  1. Hi Andrew, thought I’d recommend Straight Time, but checked your site first, and can see I’m too late on that score. Did you ever get to read Money Movers, I had a look around for the book, but it seems to have been out of print for some years, with old copies priced high. You know for years I thought the inspiration behind D W’s Parker series was Dan Marlowe’s Name of the game, but I found out the other day they both came out in the same year. Two books that delivered a heavy blow, and still carry weight, I’ve gone back to the Parker series over the years, but have yet to finish them all. I feel the first was the best that I’ve read. The Looters by John Reese is alright, and I’m pretty sure I recall a movie under a different title. Anyway I came across you on twitter today, and thought I’d say hello. We spoke sometime back when I recommend Mcvicar.

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