Ghost Money reading, Summer crime work shop & other end of year notices

I know I am not the only one who will be glad to wave goodbye to the end of a long year. Before I head off for a few weeks break, I just want to give you all a quick heads up about a few things that are happening, that you might like to check out.

First up, a big thanks to The Segilola Salami Podcast for having me on to read from my first novel, Ghost Money. Ghost Money originally came out in 2013 and it is still a book that is dear to my heart. The story takes place in Cambodia, 1996, just as the long-running Khmer Rouge insurgency is fragmenting and competing factions of the coalition government scrambling to gain the upper hand. Missing in the chaos is businessman Charles Avery. Hired to find him is Vietnamese Australian ex-cop Max Quinlan. Anyway you can hear me read a couple of chapters, talk about the origins of the book, and why I wrote it here.

If you like what you hear and want to pick up a copy of Ghost Money, you can do so via Amazon.

The good folks at Writers Victoria have asked me to run a day-long class for emerging authors on January 15. So, if you think you have a crime novel in you but don’t know where to start or you are mid-way through your first manuscript and need help to complete, this class may be for you. You can check out the details about the class here.

Girl Gangs, Biker Boys and Real Cool Cats: Pulp Fiction and Youth Culture, 1950-1980, the book I have co-edited with Iain McIntyre, has been out for a few weeks now. f pulp fiction is your thing – and if you are a regular reader of this site, it probably is – you should think about picking up a copy. You can get it on Amazon and via our publisher, PM Press, here. PM Press are even having a Christmas, with 50 per cent off if you use the code ‘GIFT’.

If you are in Australia and want to avoid the heft international postage charge, it should be hitting shops in the coming months. Melbourne folk, you can pick it up from the following locations now:

Brunswick Bound Bookshop, Sydney Road, Brunswick
Sun Bookshop, Ballarat Street, Yarraville
Grub Street Bookshop, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
New International Bookshop, Carlton
Off the Hip Records, Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD
The Paperback Bookshop, Bourke Street, CBD
Blarney Books & Arts, Port Fairy

Last but not least, my second novel, Gunshine State, is due for re-release via Down and Out Books in February. If you enjoy a good heist novel and haven’t check the book out, you can pre-order it here.

And that’s a wrap for 2017. As always, thanks for reading my site over the last 12 months, I appreciate it, and, if you celebrate it, have a good Christmas and a happy New Year.

See you in 2018.


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