10 great Australian crime films

To mark the addition of Ivan Sen’s 2016 film, Goldstone, to BFI Player, I was asked to write on 10 great Australian crime films. The piece is live and can be read in full on the BFI site here.


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  1. No “Dirty Deeds”?

  2. Ha!
    While I appreciate Bryan Brown in pretty much anything, that film doesn’t even come close to being in my top 10.
    Nice of you to drop in. Have not heard from you for a while. Hope you are well.


    James Frecheville’s passivity in Animal Kingdom makes him all the more effective in the part. For nearly all of the film we see someone struggling to fit into a terrifying world he cannot understand and at the end we realise he has quietly become an apex predator.

    • Roger,
      I agree with you that somehow Frecheville’s on screen passivity does sort of work in terms of helping to depict a young man who is hopelessly out of his depth in the middle of a brutal criminal family. I can’t help but wonder, however, how better the film would’ve been if Michod had actually got someone with acting chops to play his role.

  4. Thanks Andrew for again highlighting stuff that’s managed to fly under my radar: hadn’t realised there WAS a sequel to the excellent ‘Mystery Road’, will have to check it out soon.

    Also, ‘Heatwave’: a vivid, truly haunting film I can’t praise enough and one that’s become a firm favourite thanks to my reading about it on your website some years ago. You wouldn’t guess Philip Noyce could make something this good based on his U.S work.

  5. I Don’t Like Animal Kingdom Everyone Being So Dumb Or Dumbed Down, Money Movers Is Great, Haven’t Seen Heatwave But I’m On It…. Best Regards SHOTCALL Film Productions.
    I Must Say Russell Crowe Was Good In The Jap Tourist One & Malcom Is A Classic….

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