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Noir Con or bust guest post #3: Roachkiller

For my third ‘Noir Con or bust’ guest post I’m thrilled to welcome New York writer Richie Narvaez.

I don’t know what it’s like in the US, but in the Australian publishing scene the words ‘self published’ and ‘e-book’ generate pretty negative reactions, especially when they’re put together.

Roachkiller and Other Stories is both those things  and it’s an incredible read. The book first came to my attention when Eva Dolan, one of Crime Factory’s reviewers, submitted a glowing piece on it for the magazine. Now Eva has a nose for the good stuff, so straight after reading her review I jumped on line bought a copy. I wasn’t disappointed. Roachkiller is kick arse collection of noir short fiction, ranging from hard boiled crime pieces in the vein of Edwin Torres to the blackest dystopian tales. 

Your can check out Richie’s site here. You can buy Roachkiller on Amazon here. Seriously, read Richie’s post then by the book. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed either. 

About a decade ago, I was like a lot of writers: I talked about writing but I didn’t scribble a single story. Not a sentence, not a dependent clause, not a word. Then at some point I read a notice from Mississippi Review calling for postmodern noir stories.… Read more