Who Is Gary Chance? Buy Dark Pages, Volume One, and find out

On-line publisher Trestle Press released the first of a series of international noir and hard-boiled anthologies over the weekend.

Dark Pages: Volume One tries to answer the question: What is noir/hard-boiled like all over the world? What does it mean in your country and how does it read?

The anthology contains twelve stories from authors in USA, England, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand and Canada. There’s a few contributors whose work I’m familiar with, including pulp hack Paul D Brazill (and Paul, if you’re reading this, that’s a compliment) and Julia Madeleine, and a whole lot who I’m looking forward to reading for the first time.

I’m one of two Australian contributors.

My story, ‘One Ashore in Singapore’, is the second tale of mine to find its way into print featuring the character of Gary Chance. Chance is a tough as nails ex-Australian army veteran who now makes a living pulling heists for anyone who’ll pay.

My first Chance story ‘Two Men and a Car’, appeared in Crime Factory: The First Shift, published earlier this year by indie US crime publisher, New Pulp Press. You can order Crime Factory: The First Shift here at Barns and Noble and Amazon.

Chance will also appear in early 2012 in an anthology of local crime fiction by a new Australian publisher, Dark Prints Press. Titled The One That Got Away, it features crime stories by Australian, UK and American writers, including Lawrence Block. It will be released in early 2012. Pre-orders are available from the Dark Prints Press website.

Dark Pages: Volume One is available now for Kindle at Amazon.


6 Responses

  1. I’ve read all the Gary Chance stories and I can’t wait until he gets his own novel.

  2. And I take it as a compliment! Great story BTW.

  3. Look forward to reading your story!

    Kindle link not working fyi (for me at least)

    • Todd,
      Thanks for your comments. I have not had any other comments about the Kindle link but I’ll contact Trestle and make sure they check it out.

  4. Todd,
    Got you. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve changed the link so it works now.

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