Ghost Money now available (is that the sound of rubber hitting the road?)

My debut novel Ghost Money is now available through Snubnose Press.

You can get it on Amazon Books for $4.99. Other e-reading formats, Kobo, Sony, etc, to follow. If you haven’t got a Kindle, you can download an Kindle app for iPad and read it that way.

In case you haven’t already heard the pitch for Ghost Money, here it is.

Cambodia, 1996, the long-running Khmer Rouge insurgency is fragmenting, competing factions of an unstable coalition government scrambling to gain the upper hand. Missing in the chaos is businessman Charles Avery. Hired to find him is Vietnamese Australian ex-cop Max Quinlan.

But Avery has made dangerous enemies and Quinlan is not the only one looking. Teaming up with Heng Sarin, a local journalist, Quinlan’s search takes him from the freewheeling capital Phnom Penh to the battle scarred western borderlands. As the political temperature soars, he is slowly drawn into a mystery that plunges him into the heart of Cambodia’s bloody past.

Ghost Money is a crime novel, but it’s also about Cambodia in the mid-nineties, a broken country, and what happens to people who are trapped in the cracks between two periods of history, locals and foreigners, the choices they make, what they do to survive.

I’m happy to say it’s already getting some good reviews from heavy hitters on the local crime scene.

“Ghost Money is a fast-paced, atmospheric crime novel. Its journey into a cynical and treacherous world is tense and suspenseful.”

Garry Disher, author of Wyatt

“Ghost Money is a terrific crime thriller that builds quickly and holds its nerve, right to the final pages. An important addition to the growing canon of outward-looking Australian crime fiction.”

David Whish Wilson, author of Line of Sight

“Writers who are not native inhabitants of the setting they depict can have a tough time delivering an authentic atmosphere but that has not been a problem for Nette who has created a truly enveloping sense of time and place.”

Fair Dinkum Crime

This is where the rubber finally hits the road. Obviously, I’d love you all to buy Ghost Money. If you have the time/energy/inclination, it would also be great if you could:

– Think about reviewing it on your blog or website.

– Review it for Amazon or Goodreads.

– Recommend it to your friends or people you think might like it.

But most importantly, if you get around to reading it please drop me a line and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Really looking forward to this, Andrew. Big fan of Snubnoses output so far

  2. Gareth,
    Thanks. I hope you enjoy Ghost Money.

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