My manuscript finds a home

This is the blog entry I’ve been hoping to post on Pulp Curry for a long time now.

My unpublished manuscript, currently titled Cambodia Darkness and Light, has found a home.

It’s going to be published as an e-book in the United States next year by the good folks at Snubnose Press.

Haven’t heard of them?

Hmmm, perhaps that not surprising, especially if you are in Australia. But you’re going to. And soon.

Snubnose is a small outfit that specialises in crime fiction e-books, but they have big plans.

They have a great slate of authors planned for publication in 2012, including Heath Lowrance (whose first book The Bastard Hard I reviewed on this site several months ago), Nik Korpon, Chad Rohrbacher, fellow Aussie Helen Fitzgerald and Dan O’Shea, just to name a few of them.

That’s some serious emerging and established indie crime writing talent and I’m thrilled to be able to count myself among them.

It’s also great to get a crack at the US e-book market, which is far bigger than it is in Australia and growing at a rapid pace.

Of course, you’ll also be able to get the e-book here.

The blurb on the Snubnose site describes my book as “a hard-boiled novel about a Vietnamese-Australian ex-cop searching for a missing businessman in mid-90s Cambodia that brings to mind the novels of Martin Limón.”

The comparison is pretty cool. Limon’s books feature Sueno and Bascom, two US military police based in South Korea in the early seventies, and they’re great.

Anyway enough of my talk. The point is, next year you’ll be able to read my book and judge for yourselves what you think.

The fact it’s finally going to be out there is a little scary, very exhilarating and a feeling I’ll never get bored of.



9 Responses

  1. You rock, Andrew Nette. Can’t wait to read your novel again in published version.

  2. What – you telling me I can’t buy one? – Not happy Roo; and I know where you lives ….. 😉

  3. Dear Brother, you are just going to have to go out and buy an e-reader, then you’ll be able to read my book and heaps of others much more cheaply than if you buy hard copy books.

  4. My ‘1-click’ finger is poised.

  5. Congratulations! There’s a lot of good stuff coming out from Snubnose.

  6. Congratulations Andrew…look forward to reading it

  7. Sounds good and congratulations. We can agree on Martin Limon. Jade Lady Burning is pretty terrific.

  8. Hearty congrats Andrew. Sources say it’s a rollicking read!

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